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What is a Demo Account? 

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A Demo Account is a fully-fledged and professionally-equipped account which allows you to try out our Options for free, without any commitment or risk. No deposit is required. After signing up for a Demo Account, you will instantly have full access to the Optiondesk for unlimited time, so you can start practice trading in options right away.

Open a Demo Account 
Simply open a Demo Account by entering your e-mail address, your chosen password, then click Send. You will immediately receive a confirmation email containing your account activation link. After you click on the activation link, your Demo Account is ready for use and contains € 100,- virtual money. You can now start trading your first options. Each time your Demo Account contains less than € 10,- it will be recharged to € 100,-. With a Demo Account you can practice options trading for unlimited time and risk-free.

Do you want to try out our trading platform? Open a free Demo Account now.

Open Demo Account

If you have any questions about opening a Demo Account, please feel free to contact us via email or via our live chat.

Open Trading Account
Open Demo Account
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