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What are High/Low Options? 

Hoe -werkt -het

Profit optimally from your short-term expectation with one of the most popular option strategies in the world, the so-called "spread" option. Its maximum payout makes this Option cheaper, allowing you to make a profit faster.

Highlow Small  Advantages:

 Short expiry time – Optionally from 10 to 60 minutes.
 Low option prices – Average option price ± € 8,67.
 Active trading - Simple prematurely tradable with one click.
 No transaction fees - We do not charge any fees for transactions.
 Real-time prices - Always real-time prices directly from the stock exchange.
 Safe and secure trading - Licensed by the Dutch AFM.

Highlow Small  Features:

You can purchase High or Low Options during market hours with an expiry time of choice from 10 to 60 minutes. Your starting price is the real-time price of the asset at purchase.

Option price
This depends on the asset, chosen expiry time and current market conditions. On average € 8,67 per Option. No bid and offer prices and no transaction fees.

Prematurely tradable
You can sell High or Low Options prematurely at any time with one simple click for the real-time price and thus take profits prematurely or limit loss.

Payout at expiration
High Options: € 1,- per 0.01% price increase or with Low Options € 1,- per 0.01% price decrease, both with a maximum of the spread of € 25,-.

EXAMPLE with an average option price of € 8,67
High Option Low Option Payout Result
0.25%higher 0.25%lower € 25,- 188.4%
0.20%higher 0.20%lower € 20,- 130.7%
0.15%higher 0.15%lower € 15,- 73.0%
0.10%higher 0.10%lower € 10,- 15.3%
0.05%higher 0.05%lower € 5,- -42.3%
lower higher € 0,- -100%

 Intermediate amounts € 1,- per 0,01% price difference.
 Maximum payout: € 25,- per option.
 Suitable for every strategy and desired risk reward.

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