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Hoe -werkt -het1

The Optionclub trading platform offers an innovative way to trade Options with real-time prices on the major global financial markets. You can trade our Options on a large number of indices via our easy-to-use Optiondesk.

How it works? 
The basic principle of trading an option works as follows: select High if you expect the price to go up or select Low if you expect the price to go down. 

How to trade in 5 steps:
1. Select an Asset.
2. Select an expiry time.
3. Select if the price will go higher or lower.
4. Select the amount of Options you want to trade.
5. Then click on Trade.

You can follow the progress of your purchased options in the Optiondesk in real-time.

Do you want to try out our Options? Open a free Demo Account now.

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